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- with over 40 years of experience in the development, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals and food supplements


Natural solutions

Our vision is to offer natural products to our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, thus establishing sanaGroup GmbH as one of the most trusted and innovative companies in the international market.

About us

sanaGroup GmbH offers a wide range of isopathic and immunobiological medicinal products as well as innovative food supplements.


In the development, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, we are proud of the many years of experience that we can draw on at any time.


Every customer is individual for us. Therefore, we see every order as a challenge to continue offering our customers solutions that meet their needs.


We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art medical products.


Subsidiaries of sanaGroup GmbH

You can find more information about the products or the company by simply clicking on the corresponding company logo.

sanPharma GmbH

sanPharma GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of immunobiological and isopathic medicinal products, quantum point optimized food supplements and medical cosmetics.

MEDsanBiotech GmbH

MEDsan Biotech GmbH is an independent company of the sanaGroup and focuses on the development, production and marketing of innovative and highly efficient medical products.

pharmaSAN B.V.

pharmaSAN B.V. focuses on the production and marketing of THC-free CBD products.

teamPharma GmbH

teamPharma GmbH specializes in the development, manufacture and packaging of medical products, active ingredients and dietary supplements.

bioLAB GmbH

Die bioLAB GmbH ist ein eigenständiges Unternehmen der sanaGroup und arbeitet in der Herstellung und Entwicklung von innovativen Wirkstoffen.

synoLAB GmbH

Die synoLAB GmbH arbeitet im Bereich der in-vitro-Diagnostik mit Fokus auf PCR.

sanPharmacy Inc.

sanPharmacy Inc. is an independent company focusing on development, manufacturing and marketing of medicinal devices with the latest technology and scientific know-how.

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Nursing facilities
Pharmaceutical wholesale


End customers



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News from MEDsan Biotech GmbH

MEDsan Biotech GmbH introduces the new MEDsan SARS-CoV-2 Double Gene RT PCR Extra Dropping Set.

sanPharma launches nutritional supplements

Our subsidiary, sanPharma GmbH, presents its new products in the field of nutritional supplements. The new products convince with their effect for more power in everyday life.

Social Commitment

Planet Children Kinderhilfswerk e.V.

We support the Planet-Children children's charity and would be happy to receive many more donors..

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